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Alignment Services

When is the last time you had your alignment checked? If you can’t remember, then it’s recommended you have it checked. More than likely, it’s no longer within factory specifications, as the miles go up and the vehicle ages, metal fatigues and rubber bushings become worn.

The experts at Momentum MotorWorx can ensure your car is driving perfectly down the road, saving you money in the long run by minimizing tire wear as well as improving the handling characteristics of your car.

We offer two alignment services depending on the vehicle and the customer requirements.

wheel alignment

Standard Alignment Service

Some vehicles only have minimal adjustments which can be made on the front end steering. For these cars we offer a standard alignment service. With this service we only adjust the Toe, front and rear if applicable. Generally, this will ensure your vehicle is driving straight down the road without wandering, minimizes tire wear, and centers your steering wheel if it was not properly centered before.
wheel alignment

Advanced Alignment Service

We recommend our advanced alignment service for all lowered or lifted vehicles or track cars. This service adjusts camber, caster, and toe on all four wheels. This is a must for all lowered vehicles, or track cars. It’s also recommended for vehicles which come from the factory with adjustable camber and toe. These vehicles typically include most sports cars and many other vehicles such as BMW or Nissan. If you aren’t sure, you may schedule for either standard or advanced service and we will determine what’s necessary for your vehicle during your appointment.

(Please be aware that lowering or lifting your vehicle can alter the suspension geometry far from factory specifications in such a way, that it may not be possible to properly align your vehicle to factory specifications without additional parts such as camber bolts, or adjustable camber arms, or aftermarket adjustable toe arms. We will assess your vehicle and give you our recommendation.)