Momentum MotorWorx

About us

Momentum MotorWorx was founded in October 2022. At Momentum MotorWorx, we are all about making your car perform the best. We specialize in Japanese sports cars, but we also perform general automotive repair and maintenance, engine rebuilds, Motorsport wiring and Standalone ECU, suspension setup, track car prep, wheel and tire mounting, and wheel alignment on a variety of makes and models. We aim to have a broad spectrum of services offered to car enthusiasts and racers. When your bring your car to Momentum MotorWorx, rest assured, we can handle virtually all of your car’s needs.
Momentum MotorWorx Founders
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Arvin-Owner-Master Technician

Arvin has become a recognized and trusted technician in the Pacific Northwest and specifically in the Toyota MR2 and Toyota Supra platforms. He has vast experience diagnosing, repairing, and restoring these cars as well as many other vehicles. He is ASE certified and of course always expanding his knowledge. He is our wiring and engine expert. He has wired many standalone ECU’s. When he’s not building fast cars, he’s usually traveling somewhere warm and sunny.

Ryan-Owner-Service Writer

Ryan got serious into motorsports back in 2011. The first engine he rebuilt was a 350 LT1 from a 1997 Pontiac TransAm. He has raced cars and motorcycles. He brings first hand experience into what it takes to not only build fast cars, but to build fast cars that drive well and perform well. Experimenting with a variety of engine and suspension setups to understand what works and what doesn’t, making connections with other experts in the industry and gaining more knowledge in the subject every day. When Ryan isn’t working, you can find him at the racetrack testing his 650 horsepower V6 Turbo powered MR2.